Basic ingredients:

Say you start with some 400 grams of flour (that one in picture 1 was not weighted, it looked like that much), a spoon of salt, some yeast and a bit less than a glass of water.
Basic ingredients
1. Start with this

Initial preparation:

Put enough flour in a bowl and add salt (1). Mix it and then make a hole in the middle... Make it look like a volcano.
Now prepare the yeast, that much yeast (2). Add warm water in the glass, mix with a spoon and make sure there there are no lumps.
This much yeast
2. This much yeast

The primordial soup:

Add some olive oil in the volcano (3) and finally pour the contents of the glass in the bowl with all the other ingredients (4).
A bit of oil and a glass of water with yeast
3. A bit of oil and
a glass of water with yeast
Primordial soup
4. Primordial soup

Living matter:

Here we go! Now mix the ingredients until you form a solid "thing" (5).
Take the thing off the bowl and start kneading it with your hands (6). Fold it on itself and knead it over and over (no longer than 10 minute) until it becomes a consistent solid "thing" (7). Use some flour on the table to not make the dough stick to it.
The dough should not be too dry but it should not stick too much to your fingers either.
The solid thing
5. The solid thing
Kneading the thing
6. Kneading the thing

The waiting:

You did all you could, now you just have to wait. Put some flour in the bowl (8), just enough to make the dough not stick to it and cover it with a cloth, a slightly humid one: wet your hands, wipe them on a kitchen cloth and use that to cover the bowl (9).
Now find something else to do for the next 2 hours.
The consistent solid thing
7. The consistent solid thing
Ready to swell
8. Ready to swell

After the waiting:

And so this is all you get after this much work (10).
Inside that is your dough
9. Inside that is your dough
10. Yay for a pizza dough!

Make your own pizza:

Now spread out the dough on an oven tray and add ingredients.
Put in the oven for 20~25 minutes at 210°C.
Spread and tomatoed
11. Spread and tomatoed
12. Mmmmozzarella
Some oregano
13. Some oregano
A bit more salt and oil
14. A bit more salt and oil
15. Piiiizzzzzaaaaaa